Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rayzz Reviews

Rayzz is a online community script developed by Agriya and has been around since 2006. During that time there have been 3 major releases and they have recently released Rayzz 3.0.

Since Rayzz is a lot more costly than a free open source solution like Joomla or Drupal, you should take some time to read some real Rayzz Reviews to find out what other people are saying about the script.

On the whole there are mostly positive reviews with some great feedback about the design and features. From their own site they've got these testimonials from customers:

“We bought Rayzz soon after it was developed and have the largest martial arts video web site on the web today using the software. We have worked with the Rayzz support team for a long time and they have been more than helpful. They respond quickly. They are courteous, and they always go beyond my expectations in helping to solve any issues we develop. Thank you Rayzz support team, we love you!” – Dana Stamos – FightCon

“The Rayzz Team is superb. They are very professional and have been nothing but helpful. The software is extremely stable and bug free. It was money well spent! Great jobs guys” – Twizz D. Ha – Exec Web Producer – MorphBOTS Design Studio

“The guys over at Agriya are fantastic! They were helpful and still keep in touch to make sure its all going well, Fantastic Prodct and Fantaastic Service! Thanks Guys! PS I will be back to buy some more things soon!” – Zak Johnson

“I run one of the Hottest Blog directories on the web. I needed a community script with all the features of rayzz. I tried all the rest then I bought the best, Rayzz. I bought my script a year ago and they are still ready to help me at anytime… Support after the sale? You bet! Agriya stands behind what they sell long after the point of sale. I had so many hits on my blog after I gave Agriya a good review I joined as an affiliate and have even made some money too. Thanks Agriya for all the help, forget five stars you get ten in my book!” – Wolfbernz – BlogDumps

But that's not to say everyone loves the software there are a few sites where people have left a negative Rayzz review. The negative reviews usually center on the support issues rather than the script itself. So many software companies seem to be let down by their after sales support and this is a common complain for many people.

There are also people that have created 'rayzz sucks' type websites bashing the script and company as a whole, but from the standard of English and unprofessional nature we'd say that these are either jealous competitors or people that have some serious personal issues!

One of the reasons we say this is that the rayzz sucks type sites come across as a personal vendetta and no one else seems to be interested in what they are saying because there are no comments.

At the end of the day, no amount of Rayzz reviews can convince you, we recommend that you try out their Rayzz 3.0 demo and then why not contact their support department with some questions to see the level of support that you get. The speed and professionalism of the reply is sure to give you an idea of what to expect if you buy Rayzz.

If you have your own review of Rayzz, please submit a comment below to share your experience with others.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Is Rayzz Video Sharing script better than YouTube Clone?

YouTube is known as the best video sharing site among the Internet worms. To err is human; with no exceptions the YouTube also has some limitations. Knowledge rests on error too, so we have learnt from the errors found in the YouTube. Our developers tried their best to overcome these limitations, and came out with a brand new video sharing script – Rayzz which is not only the YouTube clone but also has handpicked features that you can’t find in the YouTube.

To be fair, we’re listing the 5 reasons that make Rayzz stay ahead of the YouTube.

Video format support:

YouTube lets the site users to upload some specific formats like Windows AVI, MOV, or MPEG format. But our Rayzz supports almost all the video formats set by the webmaster in the control panel, while maintaining the video quality.

High - quality content:

Tons of high quality contents = tons of users = tons of money.

YouTube allows the users to put crappy contents on their website. It's not technically spam but seems useless. This sort of content may get you traffic, but it won’t pay you. Our Rayzz assists you to get both. Webmaster can control the publishing of the articles; hence you can publish only the articles with rich content, thereby bringing effective traffic on to your site. Apart from this, your site can also reach a good page rank in search engines.

3. Uploading speed:

Youtube imposes a 10 minute or 100 MB tedious restriction on file size to upload Videos; hence the uploading speed is slow. On the other hand, Rayzz offers distributed encoding module which distributes the video encoding process to a processing server, and saves the memory and CPU time of the web server. Hence the members can upload the videos quickly.

4. Video quality: A picture is worth thousand words

The videos uploaded on the YouTube are automatically compressed and resized to 320x240 format. So YouTube has low quality videos. But our Rayzz does not perform such editing process; hence the uploaded videos will be played with an excellent quality than what you’ll find on YouTube.

5. Revenue option:

YouTube doesn’t have options like revenue sharing on its site. But our Rayzz provides that special feature. It is a great way to earn extra income by taking part in the community.

If you are looking for developing a well-professional community site and make money quickly, Rayzz is the perfect choice for you. Rayzz offers an awesome service, and it surpasses YouTube in that right.

For more information - Youtube Clone - Rayzz

FLV PLAYER-flash video player

How to earn money from a web site? Well, the only solution is advertisement: displaying some ads is often very profitable. When, at the same time, you want to get streaming videos on your website and use pre-roll or past-roll ads, you have got a few solutions: there are now some scripts, which are now much more cheap, customizable and easy to install that it used to be, to display videos on your web site.
FLV Player is the way to transform your low-attractive site into a profitable and highly popular one. Do you want to use a mature software, used and rated by hundreds of sites? Do you want to realize what “versatility” really means? Do you want the other webmasters to feel jealous when they look at your different gorgeous skins? Do you want to be able to fulfill every customers’ need, every single taste? Do you want to have an efficient support team, as well as at cheap price? FLV Player is the answer to all of the above questions. Further, FLV player is not really expensive. For a quite low price, you will be able to start to make real money in the virtual world. If you go on this link, you will find the free demo.
Are you convinced? Well, you now know what you have to do. ..

KOOTALI – facebook clone

Who never heard of Facebook? Even if you do not exactly know what it is, you surely must have heard this name (at home, at work, in a restaurant…). It just became a common name, nearly as popular as coca-cola. “And you, are you in Facebook ?” If you answer “No”, or “Face what?” the person who is talking to you will think that you have spend the last 3 years in prison, or that you are completely technophobe. And he will not be totally wrong: facebook is really the “place to be”.
The power of this “social networking site” and the astounding number of people who are registered in it put one simple fact into light: internet users are looking after more social sites. So starting an effective social networking site will grab more web surfers.
As a webmaster, you have to follow this trend, unless it will be too late: you have to stick to the customers’ need. That is why running a facebook clone, a social network could quickly become compulsory.
Kootali is helping you in this task: running a social networking site. You can see how the traffic will improve and how the number of visitors can be converted into money, for your site developed using Kootali script.
As Kootali is a mature script, tested and used by hundreds of users, we are sure that this software is more stable than other available scripts, and design is suitable for everyone. Forget the Rococo and bad-tastes design of MySpace: now, it is the time to move to another dimension!
You want to customize the look of Kootali? No problem! You have to use our support team, but it is Sunday night? No problem! We tried to do everything possible to help you, and to fulfill all your needs.
Do you still have questions, or do you want to know how it is working, and what does it looks like? In those cases, go to http://products.agriya.com/kootali-social-network, and try our free demo.
Now, you can get an idea of Kootali and know what to use to run a professional-like social networking site. We hope you won’t decide too late!
ANOVA-answers script/yahoo answers clone
“A video is often more efficient than 20 000 words” : did you feel, sometimes, frustrated, after having visited answers forums or knowledge-sharing sites, because answering to a question by normal words was simply impossible, and that you needed photos, audio or video files to ask a question and/or answer the question quickly, clearly and easily. Well, it is the case of too many users.
Someone needed to sort out this problem. Anova revolutionized the knowledge sharing sites: because we think that knowledge is the most important valuable goods on earth, we looked fore more efficient solutions to share it, to make it available for the biggest number of people. We looked for different solutions, we tried different scripts, but it appeared that Anova is the best solution. People can now view information, as much as they can hear it or read it and, by the way, create interactivity between users.
In other “knowledge sharing sites”, people are mainly asking a question or submitting an answer in text format. Anova is totally different: as users can ask/answer a question in video and audio formats. This script is the ultimate tool to create an effective sharing-knowledge community.
To be really straight, when we compared all the different “Question-Answer programs”, we found that Anova has a major drawback: it is not as known and as popular as yahoo answers. But we also discovered that Anova was much superior, on many topics: easy to install, more customization, much more interactivityand many more. To put it in a nutshell, it has almost all the main features of Yahoo answers and additionally it allows you to share the knowledge in an interactive way. And this is probably the most important thing for question/answer software! If you want to realize how powerful Anova is, go on this link.
Do not hesitate too much if you are a webmaster and if you want to run an efficient knowledge-sharing site: use Anova’s script!

RAYZZ – youtube clone - RAYZZ REVIEW

RAYZZ – youtube clone
You tube and Daily motion are definitely the success stories of this year, on internet. They attract a huge trafic, and they are also very profitable. What is their secret? A subtle mix of interactivity and videos.
You can now be a part of these success stories: Do you want to create your own you tube like site? Do you want to run a software that is compatible with every major video sites? (like Youtube, MySpace, Vidilife, so on) Do you want to run a serious business? These “dreams” can easily be turned into reality, with the help of Rayzz.
This YouTube clone is an ultimate Social Bookmarking Script, which has Videos as the main feature. With Rayzz, you can display videos, to showcase products and services, to increase traffic on your site, and to earn money!
Here are some of the most exciting features of this script:
- It is fully customizable, and 100% open source
- The installation is very easy
- Webmasters can control and manage nearly everything in the site. ‘Thanks to the admin page’.
- It is possible to import contacts from virtually everywhere, and use it on your site: Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Lycos, Outlook, India Times, etc you will be surprised by the complete list .
- Manage the display of advertisements before or after videos: the first step toward profit! (rayzz review)
- Layout of the profile page is customizable by users, to suite their tastes. In fact, everything that is linked with users is customizable: avatars, profile tips, news, static pages and so forth.
- and much more, on this page.
Do you want to see more? You can go on http://products.agriya.com/rayzz-video-sharing to see the free demo. This is the ultimate tool for real internet business, for people who are serious about it. Do you think you are part of them? Well, you know what to do…

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RAyzz Review

Rayzz 3.0 Review

Ultimate Non-Stop Entertainment

Rayzz 3.0 is the culmination of 5 years of experience developing community portals for clients around the world. With videos, music, photos, blogs, discussions and more it is the perfect platform for your community members to view, share and upload content. With social networking features like activities news streams, adding friends and sending messages to each other, Rayzz enables you to run the ultimate online community website.

Monday, August 9, 2010

RAYZZ REVIEW - Server Setup

Server Setup
Buy Now!
A less painful option to Setup Server

Rayzz is a highly advanced piece of software and required specific modules to be installed on the server in order for many functions to work correctly, for example uploading various video formats needs to be converted to work with the FLV player, streaming the video requires other software etc.
Installing the modules is not as easy as pointing and clicking, it requires a system admin with knowledge of Linux, not to mention knowledge of command prompt. If you have purchased a dedicated server or virtual private server you may wish to consider getting Agriya to setup your server so that it is optimized for use with Rayzz. Our engineers will install all the necessary modules and software on the server via a remote connection in our office. Work will be completed within 4 hours
What Does Server Setup Include
Your server will be setup within 2 business days of receiving the accurate login details
Your server will have all the necessary modules and software installed to run the latest version of Rayzz
Your server will be optimized to run Rayzz as quickly as possible
Guarantee that the server will be configured to run Rayzz
What Does Server Setup Not Include
Setup on more than one server (or the same server, twice)
Installation of any additional modules or software requested by the customer
Guarantee that the server will run any other web software
Ongoing maintenance of any type